Nature Ringtones 1.4.3

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Nature Ringtones

Nature Ringtonesinclude 66 funny media, and UI is funny.Nature Ringtonescan install as phone ringtone, SMS ringtone and Alarm ringtone.

Of course, Funny Sound Ringtoness is easy to operate, you can read the following instructions of Funny Sound Ringtones.If you has some problem or suggestion about Funny Sound Ringtones, send mail to me.

Playing: Click buttons to play ringtones within the app.

Saving: To save Funny Sound Ringtoness to phone, hold the button for one second until a menu is displayed and choose an option from the menu.
After installing, you can choose to set as default ringtone of that type or not.
If the ringtone is already installed, the menu will change to Manage rather than install. This option allows you to uninstall or set as default ringtone.

Notifications : For notifications, only the system wide DEFAULT notification can be set. You may have apps which individually choose alternate notifications rather than the default. For example, in Gmail go to menu->more->settings and choose \'Select ringtone\'. Anything other than \'Default ringtone\' being set here will override the notification setting set within the Sound app. To enable the notification set by the sound app, choose \'Default ringtone\' within the application in which you wish the notification to apply.

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